Mini Fairy Ballet

Mini Fairy Ballet is a 40minute class for children turning 5 or 6 years of age in 2018 and is $13 a class.

We are super excited to have the exclusive license for our area for the incredible babyballet Program. More than 13,500 Pre-School children use this program every week in the UK and it has just been launched in Australia. This unique and nurturing program is exceptionally educational, social, fun and absolutely perfect for our littlies.

This class will use the imaginative world to teach our students the love of Ballet. Our beautiful class incorporates the babyballet program, developed by children educational specialists that is both fun, nurturing and educational.

Have a look at a preview of this program here:

Limit of 15 students to a class.

Smeaton Grange Studio

Monday: 5pm – 5:40pm

Thursday 5pm – 5:40pm

Friday 4:45pm – 5:25pm

Saturday 9:55am – 10:35am


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