This will be my daughters 3rd year at S2S and can i just say what a fantastic decision it has been changing to Steps and now being part of the family there.

When my daughter started she lacked a lot of confidence and self belief in her dancing abilities. 3 years on and it is amazing how much she has improved and grown as a dancer. Her confidence is incredible and we owe so much to the teachers and fellow students at S2S.

S2S makes you feel as part of their family and Sammie really looks forward each week to all of her dancing classes.

The opportunities are endless at S2S. Sammie has attended various dance workshops held by well known choreographers and dancers in Australia , attended musicals and shows and also danced last year at the NRL West Tigers Football game.

One of the biggest opportunities ever was going to Disneyworld Orlando in April 2015 where Sammie and 12 other girls danced at Universal Studios, Downtown Disney and was also part of the official Disney Parade at Magic Kingdom.  This is something that we will cherish forever and are looking forward to doing it all again at Disneyland LA in April 2017.

Sammie is also part of the S2S Troupes. The bond between these girls is amazing and the professionalism between the teachers is incredible too. The girls are so proud to be representing S2S and love competing at AASCF each year at Homebush. Us dance moms are a pretty awesome bunch too – just a real friendly team atmosphere. Each year the results in competition is always at the top level and makes you a very proud parent watching them perform.

Another highlight of what I love about S2S is that every year there is a mid year concert and an end of year concert !!! Its is a credit to the teachers how they can put on 2 shows throughout the year both with different choreography of dances. I believe this is what keeps our children interested in their dancing and never get bored throughout the year. And this also shows how high the level of standard are of their teachers at S2S to be able to do this as well.

I thank S2S for Sammie’s passion and love for dancing and the opportunities so far they have given her and look forward to many more years of being part of this amazing dance family !!!

Michelle Russell,

“My Daughter has been going to Steps 2 Stardom for 2years now and is excited to be returning for her third year next year. What I love about S2S is not only that my daughter loves the classes and the teachers but the organisation for events, concerts and competitions has been fantastic and the team spirit is amazing. Thank you and Well Done Steps 2 Stardom, looking forward to another great year.”

Alanna Plummer,

“I chose to go to Steps 2 Stardom when I was doing my research four years ago to pick out my first studio. And I am so happy to say I have never doubted this decision once! I was overwhelmed by the gentle hearted, loving and welcoming nature of all of the teachers and students. You are always pushed and inspired to reach your absolute potential, and in such an encouraging family environment! All of the staff are so passionate and talented, and are forever sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge. I have improved so much since being at Steps, not just as a dancer and singer, but I have also grown personally in my self confidence and expression. I have beautiful friends, and love all of my teachers! I feel very privileged to have been given many opportunities and fun experiences over the years, with lasting memories and friendships! It makes me so happy being at dancing and I love being a part of such an amazing family!”

Jacki - 17yrs,

“My two young daughters have been a part of the Steps 2 Stardom family participating in dance, cheer and gym classes now for 4 years. During this time I have seen them progress from beginners to competitive dancers/cheerleaders which has been an amazing journey to watch. My girls have not only learnt lifelong skills but have also made many lifelong friends along the way.

With the encouragement, guidance and support from the talented, caring, dedicated teachers and coaches at Steps 2 Stardom, I look forward to many more enjoyable years to come.”

Amanda Vasilj,